“… her music owes nothing to modish fads. Again and again she has the courage of simple integrity, interweaving her very direct emotionality with elegant harmonies.”

Wiener Zeitung(Vienna)

“… a gifted composer with a fast-growing reputation for heart, spunk and individuality …distinctive in voice, serious, bold and appealing.”

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

“Roxanna Panufnik is one of the finest contemporary vocal composers around. No matter how demanding the subject matter, she always seems to find a way to set words that sit hand-in-glove with the text… (re: If I Don’t Know, Wendy Cope song-cycle) …such is Panufnik’s blinding musical wit and imagination that she negotiates each setting with a magician’s sleight of hand… …an uplifting setting of Tennyson’s I dream’d, which moves compellingly from utter desolation to an exultant final section via a sumptuously rich harmonic palette.”

Julian Haylock, International Record Review

“Panufnik’s art is something special, putting her among the elite composers in the world today.”

Stephen Ritter, Audiophile Audition

on Andrzej & Roxanna Panufnik

“Two very different personalities emerge, hearing Andrzej and Roxanna’s works side by side, yet there are qualities in common: both love to use crunchy harmonies in which major and minor meet and greet, and there’s a delicacy, a finesse, to the sound – the musical equivalent, if you like, of a shiny surface, gloss rather than matt. Roxanna’s music, though, sounds free-spirited; she always leaves room for humour, or lament, or an exploration of far-off lands.”

Jessica Duchen, http://jessicamusic.blogspot.co.uk