Roxanna has arranged an achingly beautiful Ukrainian lullaby-style carol 'Sleep, Jesus, Sleep' (Spy, Isuse, Spy), in aid of refugees of all nationalities. The single with Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir, Ukrainian soprano Inna Husieva and Afghan Tabla player Sulaiman Haqpana (because since Putin announced his "special military operation" in Ukraine, the many thousands of still homeless Afghan refugees the UK airlifted out of Kabul last year have been all but forgotten) has been released on Signum Classics with all funds going to the Refugee Council. Roxanna also sent the sheet music to every choral director she knew (and some she didn't!) with an 'honesty box' policy - asking them to donate £3 to for every copy they printed out. As a result there are 50 live performances this Christmas and Epiphany in cathedrals, churches, concert halls and schools all over the UK, Belfast and Philadelphia (see Performances page for details) and over £4,800 raised for this very special cause. Christmas Spirit is well and truly alive!